Why. I. Am. Doing. This.

In the midst of not finding enough time for myself in my life, I am making time, to try and give back to others.  Maybe purpose can be found in the gift of giving back.  Just maybe I can conquer the hypothetical and extraordinarily judgmental voices in my head by putting into practice selflessness. (For more on the “voices” see my other blog cosmictrampoline.wordpress.com)  And find balance by making me time out of the everyday things I do like meal planning, grocery shopping, teaching yoga and becoming more aware, of everything.

Besides I read a fair amount on nutrition, lifestyle habits and physical activity.  And put most of my energy into trying to establish healthy patterns for myself and my family.  Why not try and share that?  It’s my passion.

So here is my conglomeration of ideas, quips, recipes, and survival techniques.  In case you are seeking something more


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