15 Minutes.

Nobody can tell me they are motivated for every single workout they do.  (And if you can: please send me a message – I NEED to learn your secret!) Even if your ‘workout’ consists of going for a walk around the neighbourhood.  In the rain. On a Wednesday.  With the wind blowing just so that it will chill you to the bone within a short period of time.  Sometimes it’s just hard to push yourself.

Lucky for me (and you!) I have a rule in place for just these instances.  I call it the 15 minute rule.  And this is how it works:  I must get myself up and ready and engage in the activity of said workout (or movement…on the slow days I like to call my exercise “movement”, sounds more appealing and less hard.)  BUT I only have to do it for 15 minutes!  That’s it!

Can you hear the infomercial in the background? “In JUST 15 minutes a day YOU too can have killer abs and buns of steels and rockstar calves and longer eyelashes and pouty lips and dinner made and happy kids and…” You get the picture.  But seriously in that 15 minutes something in the attitude shifts.  I realize I am actually ENJoyinG said activity.  My heart rate begins to increase and the added circulation through my body is rejuvenating.  I actually want to do more.  And I am almost always able to complete my workout, and do so with a happy heart.  (Except for the days I end up running to the toilet to puke at minute number 10.  Those days I realize there are some days better spent in bed, sick and recovering.)  But for all those other days, the 15 minute rule suffices.

And push come to shove, if you’ve put in all the effort to get dressed, get out and get organized you are likely not going to quit after just 15 minutes…because if you are anything like me it’s taken you 45min to get to that point.


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