Old Habits Die Hard.

For the past three weeks I have not gone to the gym.  Whoa What?? Did I actually just put that sentence into my *gasp* health and wellness blog?? Gulp.  Yup it’s true.  Partly due to an aggravated old back injury which has been plaguing me since May.  And partly due to a change in routine.  We all know how this goes.  You build something into your life.  And then you get sick, or your kid’s daycare/preschool/life/events change course and your ‘gym time’ has been replaced with *fill in the blank*.

Best thing to do:  establish new habits.  Prioritize your life.  Is going to the gym important?  For me, not as important currently as little guy’s morning nap…for the sanity of us all.  You can’t fit in gym time.  Novel idea: how about adding movement to your day?

I walk 5km around a nearby lake on the non-scheduled days now (with the kids…make them take run bikes etc.)  Good for them, good for their sleep, good for me, good for my mental sanity and physical health.  I also walk everywhere I can, and play chase and climb in the backyard play-structure.  When was the last time you did the monkey bars with the kids?  It’s freakin hard!  My husband challenged me to “arm pull” myself to the cross bar on the swingset…lets say it wasn’t pretty, but I got up there. (And for those of you laughing it wasn’t the baby swings.)  Only then I realized how high it really was and that I had no idea how to get down again. While my daughter yelled from below that she needed another “UNDERDOG Mommy!!!”  In another ten years that jump might have wrecked my knees.  But for now they are still okay, and I vowed to keep them that way by staying active and switching things up as much as I can.  Stagnation is placation, it will do to your muscles what it does to your mind.  Go flap your wings with the birds and balance on the sidewalk cracks.  You never know when you might need that skill in everyday life.  Challenge yourself and do something that scares you EVERYDAY, and try to involve some movement.  Scary, I know; but before you realize it you’ve created a new habit.  And in a few weeks the new habit is old.  And everyone knows: old habits die hard.


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