Wine-o (noun. a person who engages in the art of enjoying wine.)

Result: said person experiencing muscle fatigue, general malaise leading to mild depressive thoughts, lack of REM sleep, general feeling of unwellness

Whine-no (verb. to cease to engage in the activity of drinking alcohol, and stop whining.)

Result: more energy, mental clarity, sleep satisfaction.

So this is my goal for the upcoming future.  Near future mind you.  Not anything long term at this point.  But I am giving up alcohol for the foreseeable time.  I love the way the occasional glass of wine makes me feel.  And the way it can take the edge off a hard day and dull my senses so I just don’t care (read: lessens the upset).  I also use alcohol as a crutch on the days when I am in physical pain in place of using drugs like muscle relaxants to help me sleep (again one or two drinks…I do believe in moderation).

I can see you shaking your head right now.  What? Why?

Well after two glasses of a new red wine the other night I woke up the next morning:

Tired (this was supposed to help me sleep through my back pain right?)

Cranky (My happy “get up and go!” replaced with a voice telling me everything in my life was loud and annoying and not worth doing)

Pain. (All day.  Dull constant headache that would not cease. Not enough advil in the cupboard or water in the fridge for that day.)

And I only had two small glasses of wine.  Guess I should have paid more attention in high school when they tell you alcohol is a depressant, or in nursing school where they tell you alcohol negatively affects your sleep patterns, or in life where your head screams at you all day the next day in pain shouting “MAYBE LAST NIGHT WASN’T A GOOD IDEA!”.

So that’s it.  And I’m not giving up on things make me feel better.  I’m just actually replacing alcohol with things that actually make me FEEL better longer term.

For my physical pain: more of my physical exercises, yoga and epsum salt baths

For my mental upset after a long day: yoga and a bath

For my sleep: yoga and a bath

Amazing how at-home measures can fix so many things. Simple really.

And then comes the other side of things…which I have been wanting to address for a while:

liquid calories

I am not a calorie counter.  I in no way recommend that you become a calorie counter. But when you break down the stats of eating, alcohol consumption in the course of a day/week/month adds up VERY quickly.  Take my two small glasses of wine; the calories in those equate to about the same as my lunch (or one of my larger snacks).  Once in a while this is okay but over the course of a week of drinking in moderation you are getting enough calories in for a whole other day in the week!  I know we’d all love to have an eighth day of the week to spend doing fun things like riding unicorns.  But it just doesn’t happen, so neither should the consumption of calories for it.  Drink water in place of wine. Solves so many problems all at once.

Simple right?  (I’ll get back to you on that in a week.)


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