A New Kind.

I’ve been playing with trying to be more environmentally friendly.  Is it a coming of age? A societal consciousness coming to fruition? Or a new fad? I don’t know.  All I know is I want to make less of an impact.  On myself.  On the physical world. And on others.

In my mind it is a New Kind.  Treading lightly on the earth and treating my body (my greatest tool ever!) with more respect.

So I am attempting no-poo.  Please note this has nothing to do with bodily functions.  It is merely the absence of shampoo (no-poo, get it??) The idea was first presented to me by another yoga teacher. And going to the source via Sayward‘s vegan blog, I discovered the how to.

I did go through a phase where I threw out all paraben containing body products.  But doing more research into sulfates and petrochemicals and phthalates I began to switch my dishsoap, and laundry detergents.  The harm to the environment and the harm to our global social environment (see more info on Story of Stuff) is weighing heavily on my shoulders.  Not to mention the potential side effects on my personal health. So as an individual, and primary purchaser for the four of us here I am trying to add take away unnecessary harmful products from my regime.

The process is that you replace your normal hair products with baking soda and apple cider vinegar (in the specified amounts via the blog link). And then lengthen the amount of time between cleanings. You still shower daily, but allow the body’s natural process to take over. This mostly means allowing the oil balance to restore to normal as you aren’t continuously stripping your body of the natural oils. I had done a version of this while pregnant and was able to go 5 days between shampoo/conditioning my hair. This time around I am doing the process without the additives in my commercial products…

Day One: looking good! This is actually day two. I am in a regular routine of only using hair products every second day, so this was my second day of no product use. Have to say, apart from the gritty feel of the baking soda paste, and funny smell of vinegar (which did, in fact, rinse out completely) my hair feels clean and surprisingly has more body than when I had used my regular brand in the past. So far this experiment is going well… Oh and please excuse the early morning photo – which also includes: no-makeup, no-coffee, no-recent highlights…



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