Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Second wash today with no-poo! (If you haven’t already read my initial post, this has to do with me becoming more environmental/physically/socially conscious and giving up shampoo and conditioner for a regime of safe replacements)  Have to say I am still very impressed with the results.  My hair seems thicker (is that even possible?). Still, as a skeptic, the processed ends of my hair feel dry.  I’m moving to washing every 3 days from every 2 in hopes of restoring more natural oils to the hair shaft.  More reason not to go and get my hair re-processed using highlights, right? (Big sigh, I LOVE the added blonde.  But on the other hand; even though I was going to an ‘all natural’ source for hair processing it was still processing which I am convinced was still harsh on the environment.)

Here are the second wash results.  And with full disclosure I put on makeup this time (although I’m also skeptical as to how well that is working for me…)


This whole process has me thinking along other lines too.  I recently attended an intensive in Ojai, CA.  The lather, rinse, repeat method was used again and again on our thoughts (and the beliefs we attach to them.)  A tool was given to us to use on these thoughts, and space was allowed for us to witness our reactions.  Thus finding the space between the action and the reaction.  Mindful meditation (which I have practiced since my yoga teacher’s training) has the very same goal in mind.  S-L-O-W things down.  Identify body reactions. Sit with the thoughts that arise to the reactions.  Be uncomfortable and question what it means.  And as a result CHOOSE how you react and which emotions you have.  Happiness, peace, and love are at my core.  I am now choosing more of that.  How about you?


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