At. Fault.

Reading the news yesterday, I was terrified.  Not in the “oh my, how could have I NOT known” but in the “oh my, how come I could not have looked into more detail before this.” My mental state arose from an article detailing the fact that I live on a fault line.  An earthquake fault line. (Not an emotional fault line, as I sometimes also suspect.)

This part I knew.

The part I didn’t was the extent of the damage they predict.  I am within walking distance of the estimated landslide area (which will fall into the nearest body of water.)  You know, the body of water I overlook as I’m on the treadmill at the gym.  Staring at the birds on the water. right. outside. the. window.

This part I hadn’t really looked into.

I thought I was prepared.

Earthquake plan A: pack up kids, bicycle past all the traffic along the interstate with our camping gear to the border…est time 48 hours. (Stop laughing, I totally could bike it! I think.)

Dehydrated food for 72 hours. (check! Vegetarian even!)

Camping stove. (check!)

Water. (umm meaning to get that…I could fill up bottles from my bathtub…half check!)

Warm clothes, rain gear (check!)

Lifejackets, a boat, and navigation equipment for when we fall into the watery abyss (umm)

Need to pinch myself and remember that I’m sitting here on my laptop in my dining room.  Listening to the dog bark across the street. And know that if that day ever comes I will deal with it then.  For now, all I can focus on is now.

But I do plan on getting that water!



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