Recipe. A. Day.

Pulled a meal out for guests today with only an afternoon’s notice.  And it was awesome.  And from the pantry/fridge surplus.  After all shopping day isn’t until Monday.  So here’s a few recipes from the spectacular meal:

Recipe Masoor Daal

Recipe Cauliflower Yogurt

Recipe Romaine Strawberry Salad


The Daal and Cauliflower Yogurt recipes are ones I learned first hand from my dear friend Bhairavi.  Soooo good.

My comfort food.

We eat lentils in this household at least once a week and daal with rice is a staple in the cold winter months.  The salad is based on my Mom’s summer recipe.  We also served everything with naan bread and a big glass of wine. (Hey you knew the wine was coming right?  After all I found out at 2pm that company was coming, and couldn’t go grocery shopping as the kids were asleep in nap slumberland.)

And since that’s 3 recipes I will post a new one on Monday.  Happy Weekend!



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