Recipe. A. Day.

Tonight’s recipe was perfect.  Usually I look at a recipe and use it as a general guideline, and then ad lib as I add my own flare.  But not tonight. It was perfect as is.  Credit to the fabulous Curvy Carrot. (see below)

Recipe White Bean and Kale Soup

IMG_1357 IMG_1356 IMG_1358

And Voila – the finished meal accompanied with an olive loaf we dipped in oil and vinegar.  Had to make the most of our fat soluble vitamins after all that chopping of fresh, local, organic veg.

We all sit, pay attention to, and be mindful of our food.  In my son’s case examining the fare includes assessing it pre-chewing, post-chewing and in different states of mashing with hands and fingers.  At least he is paying attention to what he is eating, which is more than I can say about most of today’s society.  I think if we all sat down and paid more attention, our health and well-being might become more paramount in our lives than what is on the local news (is that adding to the positivity in your life?) or the latest show on t.v.  Nurturing our body leads to us nurturing our soul, and perhaps each other.  So spend more time noticing and becoming aware.  If only to notice what you might like to change.



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