Recipe. A. Day.

Our halloween dinner wasn’t so much dinner as a continuation of lunch.  We ate hummous and cucumber sandwiches, with julienned peppers on the side.  The same sandwiches that I took to my daughter’s preschool class for lunch.  As for the recipe…umm spread hummous on bread, add thinly sliced cucumber, and enjoy (no brainer).  Well at least I thought it was a no brainer.

You see I was preschool helper/ lunch bringer.

On Halloween.

With high expectations.

The expectations weren’t mine.  But I soon learned who expected what, when fifteen 3 year olds sat down for their lunch.

A skeleton looked at me and yelled: “Candy!” Then a shark from the next table yelled: “Yeah! Candy!”  Followed by a pirate: “Cookies!”

I replied with an enthusiastic: “I brought saaaaanndwiches!  And peppers! Yumm!”  My enthusiasm didn’t seem to be shared by the crowd.

Then a superhero piped up  “NO, you brought cupcakes!  I saw them!  I want a cupcake!”

Oh boy.  Tough crowd.  Sandwiches were refused by half the kids, only about a quarter even dared to try the peppers (of which the majority consisted of my offspring).

Doesn’t anyone feed their kids these things?  Was it because they were all in costume and in alter-ego mode, feeling freer than usual to express their need for sugar? I have no idea.  All I know is a lot of kids probably went hungry that lunch.

The cupcakes were devoured by all, as the health trojan-horsed it’s way in.

Trick (or treat!)


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