Recipe. A. Day.



The most important meal of the day. (And it’s taken me this long to write about it.)


The majority of the time (3-4 times a week) we have a green smoothie in the mornings.  It is also usually accompanied by a source of grain product (oatmeal, or bread) and some form of protein (nut butters are popular in this household.)  But I love my smoothies above all.  So here is all to do smoothie!

Recipe Green Smoothie

For mine this morning I am using up leftover fruit that needs to be eaten today (hence the fresh strawberries).  As a rule we never use fresh berries, this year we picked ours at a local u-pick and froze for use later. (Cheap and cheerful!)  And we always have bananas going brown that we freeze. (I always buy extra, specifically for this purpose. Peel them first if you do this!)


Celery cuts the sweetness from the banana.  And avocado adds thickness, fibre and healthy fats. Berries add antioxidants.  This is truly a nutrient dense food.  The vitamin C in it helps the body to absorb the iron.  So many happy goings-ons in one glass of goodness.

Happy Breakfast!










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