Recipe. A. Day.

IMG_1420What do you put in your oatmeal?  I beef mine up with almond milk, ground flaxseed, and a little bitta brown sugar.  And I’m taking real old fashioned cook-on-the-stove oats here, not the instant kind.  So that was this morning’s recipe.  And coffee of course (in the form of my americano…did you know that expresso contains LESS caffeine than coffee?).

Oh and the token fruit.

Which in the picture is a banana.

Which I will eat in pinch, but do not love (and did not eat).

My kids Go Bananas for them, which is why we always have some on hand.  But this morning I was happy to find a beautiful fruit plate of pears, left just for me, by my husband.  (Who not only got up with the kids at the god-forsaken early hour after the time change that they refuse to abide by, but also fed them breakfast, clothed them and made them happy people to wake up to!  Brownie points!)

And Good Morning!



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