Recipe. A. Day.


Tonight’s dinner was a variation of Cashew Paella from The Vegetarian Bible.  If you don’t already own it I would suggest a purchase!  99% of the recipes are amazing.  And I source it regularly for base recipes that I build on.

Recipe Vegetarian Paella

The finished dish

The finished dish

Cooking...oh the anticipation

Cooking…oh the anticipation

I know some days it’s hard to get the stars to align to come up with and prep healthy meals. In my world this is one of my top priorities so I MAKE time.  

The dicing and prep work often happens hours before the actual meal.  The grocery shopping is limited to once a week.  (I give myself an hour and a half for all my meal planning and grocery prep time.  In that time all our meals are planned for that upcoming week and a dinner list is made.  It is time well spent.)  I will often include 2 ‘fast’ meals a week which take 20min or less to prep and have on the table, for the nights when the stars aren’t aligned…because we all know that happens.  I will often combine prep work, i.e. if I’m dicing onions I will do the next couple of days worth and bag it.  Or chopping veggies/ washing lettuce etc. The more I can do when the time is available makes sense for making up for the times I don’t.  Eating healthy isn’t only about choosing the right foods, its about organizing myself so I can succeed.  Oh and the grocery shopping only once a week limits impulse buys, which saves cash and time.

 It’s just cruel the things they put by the cash registers and on end caps isn’t it?


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