Recipe. A. Day.


Tonight’s dinner was quick, healthy and fabulous.  Thanks to Annie’s Eats


Recipe Roasted Red Pepper with Kale and Feta Pasta


The only change I made was to add a tablespoon of brown sugar to the pasta sauce. (And I used the jar of roasted red peppers.)  Although the things I find on her site aren’t always totally healthy, they are always pleasing to the tastebuds.  This particular recipe happens to fit all my criteria (healthy, fast to prepare and tasty).

As a vegetarian I am very conscious of consuming the right nutrients in adequate amounts.  Protein and iron are paramount in my mind.  Today I didn’t get enough protein…and the night cravings had me succumb to popcorn (with added nutritional yeast – 3g protein/2tbsp) and some chocolate (2 Halloween chocolates).   It’s not so much the cravings and satisfaction of giving in to them that I deal with.  But the deeper: why am I craving it to begin with?  Today I think it was because I didn’t get enough calories.  Protein too maybe.  This article peaked my attention: Lack of Protein Causes Overeating

I went ahead with the chocolate and popcorn.  Mostly because I believe in moderation, not deprivation.  And continue to seek out the why.

Tomorrow I will be more balanced.

And today I will savour the chocolate.


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