Lights Out.

The top ten reasons why last night’s power outage was not a bad thing:

1. I didn’t have to make dinner. (The recipe was “dial Thai takeout”)

2. Dance party in the kitchen – because what else are you going to do?

3. Candles.  So magical.

4. Quiet. A sense of calm even the kids respond to.

5. Community.  Neighbours pulling together to make sure everyone had what they needed (candles, flashlights, batteries)

6. Mindfulness.  What other time do you realize how dependant we have become on electricity and it’s near-constant availability.

7. Planning.  If you haven’t thought of disaster planning a power outage might be just the kick start you need.  Do you know where the emergency supplies are? What if the outage was caused by a natural disaster – do you have everything you need?  It certainly kick started my list.

8. Facetime.  No, not the app.  Real, live face time.  With the people you love.  When was the last time you really looked into their eyes?

9. Peace.  There is something to be said about looking out the darkened front window of your house into blackness.  Like you are all alone, and yet surrounded by everything familiar at the same time.

10. Stars. Remember them? Sometimes all you need to see the lights, is to have the lights turned out.


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