Exercise. If you don’t like what you see, change the way you look.

I have been told that the first half of a marathon, your run has to do all with your physical ability.  And the last half has all to do with mental ability.  I have never run a marathon, so I do not know.  But I do know there is a whole mental exercise to life.

It is something that is overlooked in our everyday life.

How many thoughts do you have in a day? An hour? This moment? How many are positive vs negative?

How often do we try to change the physical? More of this (Clothes!! Make-up!) Less of that (fat, calories, clutter)

What if we could; instead of looking for happiness, just see it in our lives?

Start small. Notice that the sun is shining (and be happy it’s not pouring).  Notice that you woke up this morning (some people didn’t). Notice what’s coming at your sensory perception – the sights, sounds, smells and colours of the morning (people who have had neurological deficits like a stroke don’t experience these).

Continue to notice through the day.  Find joy in everything.  Including what you initially perceive to be a negative.

Like hitting every red light in traffic.  Every. Single. One. So annoying.  And always when in a HURRY.

So stop. And notice that the light can’t be changed. And think to yourself, maybe I need to slow down a little and breath.  Just relax at the light.  Notice the breath go from fast paced to slower, more relaxed.  Notice shoulders drop away from the ears.  Maybe glance at the kids in the backseat and smile.  And then somewhere in your head find that the red lights make you happy.  Otherwise all that would be is the rushing around, with no reason to slow down. Red lights are a good reason to slow down.

Don’t chase the happiness in your life.  Be the happiness in your life.  Find the gratitude in the big things, and the small things, and the negative things.

Soon you will find yourself surrounded,

overwhelmed with,

your mental ability to exercise happiness.


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