Butternut Squash.


I love fall.  The winter squash, the warm meals, and the soups I get to make!  They all warm my house, my belly and my soul.

The thing I don’t like is the chopping of said squashes.  Winter squashes are firm, and many of them are difficult to cook with the peel on (at least not without being halved first…and it’s that first cut that I find the hardest.)

I have a few really good knives in my kitchen.  I find it’s all that I need.  And if they are kept sharp, I am LESS likely to cut myself.  Yes, less likely.  The sharper the knife, the better it cuts what I want it to.  And not what I don’t (like my finger…with a not-so-good, not-so-sharp knife at a house we rented a few years ago while looking for our permanent home.)

I think I was even making the same soup back then, in the fall/winter squash season.  So here it is.  My butternut squash soup.  This time it was vegan, but when I’m feeling really indulgent I will add cream cheese.  We ate it with some delicious toasted artisan bread and a salad.

Recipe Butternut Squash Soup





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