Sugar Club.

We are half-way through November, or Movember (if you are male and participate in the growing of facial hair to raise awareness for cancer).  I have many friends who do this year after year and I think the idea is great in theory.

But what about preventing cancer?  Why doesn’t that get more attention and research dollars?  Our society doesn’t make sense to me in that way.  We are always back-peddling, and searching for solutions to the problem (which tend to re-occur.)  Why not try to stop the problem from happening in the first place? People who are in cancer treatment usually know that by changing their diet they can drastically help to stop cancer growth and/or stay in remission.  So why don’t more of us be proactive?  Why not make the changes now?

Eat healthy, stay active.  A good mantra for life.  That is, if you want to continue living anyway…


So here was tonight’s dinner.  Filled with fresh, organic, cancer fighting food.

Recipe Potato and Tomato Bake

IMG_1470 IMG_1475 IMG_1477


As for Movember, I would still encourage you donate to a worthy cause.  But also think about making changes in your own life on the preventative side of things.  My friend Marcus is participating in the event.  And I really think it’s a great cause.  Check out Marcus’ stash site here and make a donation!

On a side note I’m not a fan of facial hair (except for the good-cause kind).  There was a recent spoof sent out entitled Decembeaver. I won’t link to it as I don’t feel it’s appropriate content for my blog…you can gather from the title the content/purpose of the spoof.  But I did find the idea of it hilarious.  Not that I’d participate.  I belong to sugar club…or sugaring club to be more specific.  (A group of us get together and a fabulous sugaring aesthetician attends to our needs.)  Since I’m already vegetarian, and doing my best to battle the proactive cancer fight, I’d rather take in the Brazilian tradition than participate in Decembeaver…

Photo credit here


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