One Month.

IMG_1483So here I am, a month after my hair experiment.  And much to my surprise; after all the moaning and complaining and scepticism, I LIKE the au natural hair care.  Enough to do all the time…still not sure.  But for the time being my hair has settled down and has a ton more body and lift than ever before.

I am no-pooing every four to five days, and showering daily with a water hair-rinse (No-idea what I’m taking about? See the original post here).  It feels good not to be rubbing a list of chemicals into my scalp and down my drain.  And even when I did break down and go back to my blue shampoo (which I did twice in the past month), my hair felt limp.  Soft, and shiny but oh. so. limp.

The formula: (this took almost 3 weeks to perfect…which was maybe part of the moaning and complaining problem) 2tsp baking soda to 2/3c water as the “shampoo” and 1tsp apple cider vinegar to 1/2c water as the “conditioning rinse”.


The hair. Day 4 (wash day)

Still in reasonably “okay for public viewing” condition.

So maybe I can do this hippy thing after all.  Or maybe be a half hearted hippy.  Or hippy at heart.  However you put it, I feel better about doing something that I feel is better for me, for the fishies and for the environment.  Next up I’m moving on to do a laundry experiment.

And I’m scared.  Because this time instead of being able to hide in a ponytail, I might have to face the ultimate stress test at the gym.  (And I’m not taking about the physical “get your heart-rate up” stress test.)  What I’m talking about is the other people in the gym pointing and laughing and smelling stench from my direction. (Talk about stress!)  Since I work out at the gym at least 3 times a week (plus yoga) I figured it would make for a very quick ruling as to whether or not the experiment is a success.  In the meantime maybe steer clear of me on the treadmill (just in case.)  Stay tuned!


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