A Recipe. Experiment.


First, the recipe!  (Then the experiment.)

The recipe was given to me by my Mom.  Who collects recipes as a hobby (and Mom if you’re reading this: stop shaking your head.  I know about your secret stash in the brown rubbermaid bin…)  It is a photocopy of what looks to be a newspaper clipping? No idea of the original source, or date but the recipe is a keeper!

And it’s vegan!  Not bad for growing up in a meat-eating household.

Did I mention how tasty?

Recipe Sweet Potato and Spinach Lentil Curry

And now the experiment…

I’ve been using a new laundry detergent in my never ending quest to find things I can use that are less detrimental to the environment. (While still living my first-world life…because let’s face it, the only way to have as little an impact is not be first-world.  And currently with the temperature outside near freezing it is just not an option for me.)

It’s great because it comes in a very small paper box (think large envelope) and you rip off “strips” of the soap to put in the wash.  The small amount of packaging (which is all recyclable) decreases waste and contains no plastics…which I like.  The detergent strips are free from many of the additives in regular detergent and are biodegradable.

So here it goes…with me and my gym clothes, and yoga gear and kid’s stains.  We’ll see if it lives up to it’s advertising.


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