This and That.

This year started out in the best way ever.  At a mental cleanse, with the option to juice cleanse.  And also, in bed asleep.  My kids taken care of, my husband spending quality time with extended family.

IMG_1715Then, after the cleanse in LA and a quick flight home I made myself the most wonderful dinner.

IMG_1719IMG_1716IMG_1722 Sweet Potato Soup with Chipotle and Citrus with a side of tortilla chips, avocado and glass of wine


Followed by the most wonderful breakfast green smoothie and a cup of chai the next morning.  The solace in solitude (even just for a day or two) was amazing!

It was a nice, calming way to change the date on the calendar.  Afterall, that’s all that it is, a date change.  This post has been held off for a long time.  Partly because I hate resolutions: if you want to resolve something nothing is stronger than the present moment.  So resolve to change what you want now.

The other part of the post delay is a dirty little secret.  I was actually still sick at New Years.  In deep denial sick.  I had been given medical clearance for my early December pneumonia, but never actually felt better.  And after much denial of my low energy (pushing through and getting stuff done) and my cough (“it will get better, it’s just my lungs clearing out the leftovers from the illness”) I ended up in hospital.  More serious, more pneumonia, and a plethora of tests and x-rays and doctors.

I am not a person who gets sick.  I pride myself on my self control, healthy diet and stringent exercise routine.  I do not slip up.  So why on earth am I, the person who strives for wellbeing and good health struggling with illness?  And then it struck me.  Anyone can struggle with illness. Whatever type it may be.  That is just life. And it’s how you respond the is the difference between wellness and true illness.

A friend of mine (who also happens to be a naturopath) mentioned that the lungs are an emotion-filled organ.  I am one who believes in emotional release, after seeing it take place in my yoga practice. So maybe this year I will put my judgments aside.  I will resolve to dig deep into my emotional pool and try to filter out whatever I can.  The mental cleanse was a good start.  The next step for me is accepting that it will take a long time for my body to heal.  So I’ve already put my gym membership and yoga classes on hold, and pulled out all the stops in making my life a little easier so I can rest more, and heal.

So for this next year I wish the same for anyone reading this.  Health, wellness and the experience of being able to find deeper meaning and purpose in whatever life throws at you.

Happy New Year. (Or at least happiness in the change of numbers.)



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