In the Moment.


Writers block.

Or rather, Children. Life. Laundry.

Every time I try to narrow down how to be more in the moment, and say, write a blog on my progress (or admittedly lack there of) SOMETHING gets in the way.

I. Just. Can’t. Focus.

Time slots come in 5 min intervals before


or the *BEEP* of some timer (laundry, oven, fire alarm)

Why can’t I just focus.

And then it hits me.

My focus is on the future (How will you relate to my writing? Will you like it? Should I care?)

Or the past (Oh my god I can’t believe how bad I slept last night, this lung/breathing pain is awful and won’t allow me to sleep!)

Then the moment:


It’s right now. I’m closing the laptop so I can go enjoy it.

(Feel free to comment…might give me something to work on, in my “right now” later)


One thought on “In the Moment.

  1. I loved this post! But just a heads up.. It took me a super long time to figure out how to even find the comment button!! Keep up the blog its brilliant! and bring back a recipe a day!

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