Can’t Get Enough.

There are so many things that are recurrent in my life right now.  That I just can’t get enough of! 

So here is my list from today.  The “so good I’ve got goosebumps” list.

1. Aloe Blacc’s “Wake Me Up” (the acoustic version)

2. Mental yoga.  Seriously, I lie down at night and do about 20min of my old yoga sequences before I fall asleep.  I can feel my muscles stretch and move and am aware of the different sensations in my body as I move through poses.  Sometimes I focus just on one pose, and all the intricacies it brings. Other times I go through sun salutes over and over and over.  Loving it.  Just loving it.  Since doing the real thing really hurts right now, mental yoga is sooo good.  There are many studies done on runners and athletes with this phenomenon.  They find the body actually does respond, the heart rate increases and certain physiological process react as though they were engaged in the actual activity.  All I care about is the feeling.  The really feel-good feeling.

3. Sunshine.  And there has been a lot here lately in this usually cloud covered city.  I am soaking it in.  All of it. No sunglasses here. Taking in the extra rays we get each day as the days grow longer.  LOVE that the days are growing longer.

4. Snuggles from my honey. (Really who doesn’t love these?)

5. Giggles from my kids.  Or any kids really. And giggles in general.  It just feels so good to giggle. Not done often enough.

6. The piece of chocolate cake my good friend dropped off.  It’s just right. And filled with everything I love, including love from my friend.  How she, or the universe knew that I needed it today I’m not sure.  But I am in love having gotten a good chocolate fix.  Should last me a while. (Yes, that good!)

7. Freezer meals.  My really good homemade ones. The times I make extras for days like today, when I need the gift of time, or a break from the stove. All the goodness and love I gifted myself a month ago when I made the meal and froze it. Love that I did something for me.


8. The ability to sense.  Sit down and really feel. The sensation of the cold dining room tabletop on my forearm.  The warmth on the back of my neck held in by my ever-soft scarf. The smell of my chai. The sparkle of my wedding ring. Hearing my children playing, peacefully. wow. I am in awe that all of this can happen at the same time. And I only notice it if I really sit and be still and pay attention.

9. My weekly grocery list.  What can I say.  Meal planning and organization feed the OCD animal in me.  Makes me happy.  And then for 7 whole days I don’t have to think about what to make for dinner.

10. I feel like I could go on forever, the more I look for things, the more I seem to be finding.  One of them is closing this laptop and enjoying my family.


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