Small things.

Like snacks that power my day.

And little things, like attention to detail in the way I move, think and am.

So recently, with all the coughing and pneumonia and whatnot I’ve been on a lot of codeine to supress the hacking, and the not-sleeping, and the people thinking I’m typhoid Mary (phffff I’m totally NOT, I just sound like it).

And with all that codeine comes, well sluggishness.  Being a high fibre, high activity girl this is usually a non-issue but I’ve ramped up my dietary quota just to be sure.

IMG_1767These blueberry-bran muffins are fantastic!  A word of warning though, don’t feed more than one to a diapered child (unless you have a large clean-up crew on stand-by) and use caution when consuming yourself.  Also note that increasing fibre to this extent can also interfere with absorption of other vitamins and nutrients, so don’t make these a regular snack.

For a regular snack I aim for at least one fruit or veg, one source of protein, and one carb (not counting the fruit…because fruits are filled with carbs).  The plated picture above shows a recent goodie: pomegranate, almonds, organic whole wheat fig bars and olives.  With the little ones I’m always trying to get in the omega 3s…and olives, although salty (which I cut by soaking in water for 24hours prior to consuming) have lots of healthy fats.

And now onto my mental snacks…I find these much more challenging than the regular type of consumption.

I’ve been struggling A LOT lately with my inability to get up and go.  Trying to s-l-o-w things down sounds fabulous on paper but is much harder putting into practice.  In the trying, I notice how I respond to my frustration I realize that it just causes more stress in my body (muscle tension, anxiety, increased breath rate).  So I’m working on it.  Working on being gentle to my body.  And working on being gentle to myself in my mind.  Relaxing and taking in the present moment.  Like sitting here drinking my morning coffee making my meal plan for the week.

Hey maybe I’ll even sneak in more time to share meal planning here.  And get excited about what I CAN do right now. Heck maybe I’ll even meditate.

Happy Day.


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