Meal Plan Mondays. (1of4)


So in an attempt to keep the organizational side of me happy, and limit my trips to the grocery store with small children (aka: stay sane). I master-list my main meals and groceries once a week.

This is a quick way to save time, money and a great way to plan for success for your health.  If the bad stuff isn’t in the house, you likely won’t eat it.  And if you plan to have good, healthy food around you won’t be tempted.  Impulse shopping is expensive.  So stick to your list and meal plan.  The more you go to the grocery store, the more you test how successful all the marketing in the stores really is (and they aren’t paid big bucks for nothing!).  If you can, stick to the outer isles – those are where the whole foods are located.  And avoid end-caps and the little nibblies that taunt you whilst standing in line.  And eat a good meal before heading out.  Hunger is your worst enemy at the grocery store (unless you have a small tantrumming child…then hunger is the least of your worries.)

I am starting a “Meal Planning Mondays” for the next month.  You can follow along and try out some recipes…or just see how we eat.  I will include at least 3 of the meal recipes for you.  We eat whole, healthy, organic foods as much as possible and limit sweet/savoury treats.

Each Monday will include my list for the week with at least 3 recipes for you.  There is usually at least one leftover day, so you will notice that the recipe lists usually only include 5-6 meals, depending on what I have calculated for leftovers (which make up the remaining meals and lunches to send to work with my husband).  The meal plan does not include our side dish of salad, which we have almost every night.  It’s a large garden salad full of lettuce, tomatoes, celery, cucumber, green onions and avocado.

Here is the first of the lists!

Meal Plan:


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