Craving Goodness.


Cravings.  Those niggly things that you want.  Really, really, really bad.

Not often are mine very healthy.  Mind you I don’t really count “craving an apple.”  As I then eat said apple and don’t think twice about it.  It’s the things I don’t eat the minute I think of them that constitute true cravings.  Most of the time it is something savoury (for me anyway.)  Olives tend to do the trick.  Or pickles in a pinch.  It’s the salt I figure.

But the sweet stuff.  Which is usually also loaded with fat.  Those are tricky cravings.  And if you follow the same rules as me…there is just not a lot in the house in way of curbing these.  And also, if you are like me, it’s not worth the effort of going out most of the time to get them.

Here is one alternative.  These brownies are unbelievable.  They are still a treat, mind you.  But at least they are a lot healthier and filled with more nutrients than the store (or bakery) variety.  Don’t balk at the recipe, trust me if you try them without seeing the ingredients you just think you are eating some sort of chocolate fudgey goodness.  The consistency isn’t exactly like a baked brownie…more like a brownie crossed with fudge.  And the coconut, puts these over the top!

Stop reading this and just go make yourself a batch now.  It takes all of 5 minutes.  I did it while my kids waited for their snack.  And they ARE NOT patient.  Come to think of it, neither am I in a chocolate emergency.  When I am craving goodness.

Coconut Topped Brownies



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