A Love.

IMG_1819Someone a long time ago named St. Valentine sparked a holiday, which then was marketed and marketed and marketed.  To celebrate love. I don’t buy into the ‘stuff’ but do make treats to show my loves I love them…cards, sweets, gestures. So I guess I buy into the love. (Not that love can be bought!)

I LOVE celebrating love.  This day is no different than any other.  And I have a lot to celebrate.

I am in awe of all that I have to be grateful for.  All the love in my life that I receive, and all the love in my life I am able to share with others.

IMG_1817I am in awe that anyone even reads these posts (and then *likes* them!) It makes me so happy that I get giddy.

And the love notes from my four year old left for me to find on my nightstand.

And the abundance in my life that allows me to eat when I’m hungry, stay warm under my roof and watch my family grow and flourish.

So on this day, I will share with you what I did to make it just a little bit more special for my loves. (The ones I live with anyway…I just love so many people!)

We made cookies!! (And then gave them all away to loved ones – neighbours, friends, babysitters) Best sugar cookie recipe EVER right here. (Thanks Mom!)



A fancy candlelit dinner (photo overexposed in hurried anticipation of eating said dinner):


Complete with roasted heart beets (because my heart “beets” for those I love).


And to top it off, a special dessert for my loves.  Homemade chocolate bowls, strawberries (and champagne of course (for the adults)!)


Happy Valentine’s Everyone!


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