The Sunshine Award.

I am humbled at my nomination for the Sunshine Award from fellow blogger Jeny Running Brook.  Thank you so much!  I am in awe that people are reading my musings and so grateful that what I am putting out there is being well received.

The Sunshine Award is an award based on what a fellow blogger feels is “a blog which is bright and filled with life.”  Although there is no panel or committee, I am in awe that Jeny took the time to seek me out and felt I was deserving.

The award rules are as follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • List 11 facts about you.
  • Nominate 10 other bloggers to receive the award.
  • Announce the nominations to the nominee.

So, in short it is a type of pay-it-forward, feel good, pat on the back of sorts.  And I am happy to pass it along, and share with you my blog choices – which I feel are vibrant and life giving.

The ten bloggers I am nominating are:

  1. “The Work With Susan” Her blog is beautiful, inspiring and calming.  And in her words: When the mental chatter goes haywire you don’t have to.  -Susan
  2. “Bonzai Aphrodite”  Light, funny and always practical, this blog is easy to love.  And Sayward makes eating and living healthy a little less hard.
  3. “Faster Further Fitter” Kourtney is a run coach, a realist and says things as they are.  This blog is also a nice way for me to score run tips without the threat of commitment!
  4. “Katy Says” This blog has changed the way I move. Literally, I walk differently.  Has also helped me be a better yoga instructor.  And I love Katy’s witty style.  Even have her book!
  5. “Living To Seize The Day” The blog title says it all.  Breya has a way about her that just brings life and gratitude to everything.  Warning: you may also fall in love with Bo.
  6. “Mama Sweat”  I’m a fitness fiend so what can I say that I find inspiration from an endurance athlete turned busy mom-of-4 who fits fitness in.  If she can do it, I know I can!
  7. “100 Days of Real Food” This is a blog filled with life.  And how-to tips for sustaining that life, even if it’s not vegetarian.
  8. “Mama Baby Drama” Heather’s Evolution, NOT Resolution post shifted something in me.  Hearing her story about overcoming struggle and taking ownership over her health was a joy to witness.
  9. “Jeannie Page” This is actually one of two blogs.  Jeannie’s story is transformative and inspiring.  And her Yoga Diaries blog passes the inspiration on to others.
  10. “My Morning Stories” This is a daily photography diary.  There isn’t a single one I don’t love.  Good Morning – thanks to Lucia!

And here are my: 11 things about me!

  • I am not worried about the fate of the environment. I think the world, environment and people are more adaptable than we make them out to be. Having said that I do try to be gentle to the earth, and encourage others to do the same.
  • Sometimes I feel like the injuries/illnesses in my physical body are expressions of what’s going on emotionally in me (even if I don’t know what they are) And it frustrates me – the not knowing.
  • IMG_1207I plan, for everything. Almost obsessively. Living in Bermuda helped me to stop being so obsessive and enjoy the moment.
  • After coming to The Work and experiencing it in my life I have this overwhelming sensation that everything will be alright in life, and that the universe is friendly.
  • I have died multiple times in my dreams. Knifings, shootings, train wrecks, falling off cliffs. I even exploded once, in the middle of a nightclub, with a bomb strapped to my chest (and I was trying to run away from people so I wouldn’t hurt anyone else).
  • I love traveling. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m running from something or towards something.
  • When I here Bob Marley’s song “Don’t Worry” I get all choked up and my chest feels tight. I feel like I can’t just relax.
  • I love the sound of hummingbirds (the tennis-shoes-on-a-polished-gym-floor “squeaking” always puts a smile on my face!)
  • I learned how to kiteboard. When I lost control of my kite in Maui and stopped kiteboarding altogether I think it was because I was scared of losing control of myself.
  • I believe my life is the way that it is because I have chosen it that way. Any hardships or good fortune I endure is a direct result of my energy, thoughts and purpose.
  • I feel more beautiful looking at past photographs, than I ever think I am in the present moment.



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