Meal Plan Monday. (4of4)


This is the last of my weekly meal plans for the month.  Did you love them? Hate them? Try any new recipes?  Tell readers what you think – click the comment button and share with others.  Want me to keep posting meal plans? (hint: let me know!)

So this week I have one of my dear friends coming to visit from out of town.  She has celiac disease so I wanted to give her as many options as possible for meals.  Although she will only be here for maybe a dinner or two I figured I’d let her pick from a variety of options.  One challenging thing for me is that she doesn’t do dairy either… She said she will cheat with cheese (for my ease of meal planning).  I pulled out all the stops at trying to find recipes I love without either.  I’ve marked them GF=gluten free, and/or DF=dairy free as applicable.  Although there are only a few that meet all her requirements, here is what I came up with:

As I was planning these meals I was busy prepping for our Sunday night dinner where friends came over as well.  A realization came to me: people are funny about food.  We are so particular about what we like, what we’d prefer and what we believe.  The fact even that as a species we change our diets to lose weight, or cleanse, or detox or etc. strikes me as odd.  I’m no different.  I choose to be vegetarian.  I don’t like cooked pineapple.  And it’s odd.

Almost everybody I know who has these preferences; at some point, has gone against them and done the exact opposite.  For example: I don’t like cooked pineapple (in soups or stir frys or pizza) but put that sucker on a bbq, coated in honey glaze that carmalizes, with a bit of cinnamon and I’d dive in!  Even my gluten free friends (even the celiac ones) have eaten something ON PURPOSE that doesn’t fit into their preference.  (And please don’t jump on me; I am a nurse, I am aware that having celiac disease is a medical condition with severe consequences if a gluten free diet is not followed. I’m using the term preference here as a matter of choice, which it is.)  The thing is, even with consequences, sometimes that ‘delectable baked good’ is just too ‘good’ to resist.

Or take for example, a diet to lose weight.  How many people have you known to ‘cheat’ on that?? It just seems weird to me, that we categorize and put all these ideas, ideals and notions into boxed categories.  Lacto-ovo vegetarian, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, fat free, etc.

That is only the start of where things get weird.  Then we start introducing and projecting our thoughts on what the people look like in each category.   How many of you think vegans are hippies?  Or that all vegetarians don’t eat meat because they love fuzzy animals?  How many meat and potatoes eaters are old, white men? Or salad eaters: skinny, pretty girls?

Where do these ideas come from?

Why can’t we just eat??

Hence why I diet. And by that, I mean I eat.  And what I eat is my diet.  And who I am isn’t something that can be contained in a box.  Today I do not like cooked pineapple, but by tonight when the rain has cleared, and the barbecue is fired up, I might love it.  And hypocritically eat the whole thing.


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