Meal Plan Monday.

IMG_1950This week I’m cracking out new recipes!  And I’ve already begun the alterations.  Nothing seems to fit two people quite the same…and recipes for me fall into that category.  So I make it mine, whatever it is in my pot! (Likely also why I am NOT a baker.  I can bake. I just really struggle with it, as I feel like there is no room for adjustment – at least not in my timeframe.)


So this week’s list is exciting!  And includes quite a few vegan options!  (Which I seem to make up for with cheese in the lasagna recipe…)(V=vegan, GF= gluten free)



The altering of recipes I do is a good reminder of how everything should be altered to suit the needs of those it is for.  Whether it be clothes, or relationships, food or a health plan, I think we are all individuals and no one person is exactly like another.  That explains why blanket ‘diets’ and blanket treatment programs don’t work for everyone.  So go out and find what works for you.  Get to know yourself.  Really understand what it is you need and then ask for that.

That is all we ever can know.  Ourselves.

And the more we understand that, the more we can find happiness in our life.

IMG_1957The only person you can blame for ever being disappointed is yourself.  If you don’t have the expectation in the first place there is nothing to fall short of.  (Unless I am baking of course!)


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