4. Drinking Downers

Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days


This post was going to be limited to alcohol consumption.  But when I go to thinking about it, drinking is so much more than that.  So this is a two part piece for you!

First, the usual suspect.  You shouldn’t drink blah, blah blah.  I know you already know this. Or at least know enough to know that if you are going to drink you should do so in moderation.  But what many people don’t realize are the ‘other’ effects of alcohol not talked about in the media hype:

Alcohol kills your motivation. Alcohol increases your appetite.

So not only are you less motivated to stick to your ‘healthy plan’, you are hungry enough to eat either:

a) more than your body requires and

b) a horse (or whatever happens to be served where you are, which given the alcohol is likely a pub, which likely doesn’t have the healthy fare that one would hope.)

The second part to my post is this: do you know how many calories are in what you drink? Many people who try to lose weight unknowingly don’t even take this into account.  And I’m not just talking alcoholic beverages.

Glass of orange juice: 112 calories (and 4 teaspoons of sugar!!! who would sit down and just eat 4 tsp of sugar on their own?) Not to mention that a glass is 8oz…most beverage bottles contain 12oz or more, bumping up the caloric count.

The average glass of wine is 200-300 calories.  Or a replacement for your morning snack? Likely not.  But think about it before having your second, or third…

A Pina Colada tops up at 490 calories (just above some of the margarita/daiquiri findings I’ve searched)

And lattes average around 200 calories, although depending on what you order or add specialty coffees/drinks can be upwards around 400 calories (like the white hot chocolate from Starbucks – yikes!)

Even if you only have one of these drinks a day (and I opted to do the math on the low end of the scale – 200 calories/drink) that gives you a whole other day’s worth of calories for the week.  Unless you are a women of average build who has 8 days in her week, I’d start with the water.

Water. Water. Water.Water.Water.Water. One glass of wine.

Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days


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