9. Brown Bag It

Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days

IMG_2017Pack your own lunch.  The time is takes up to pack it up and bring it along saves you:

Money. Eating lunch out everyday, even just a sandwich and yogurt ($7) Monday to Friday adds up! That’s $1820 a year…beach money in my vacation fund!  Vacations = good mental health and good mental health = increased happiness day to day.

Calories. The places offering to serve you food want you to love it, and crave it, and come back.  So they put things in it to tantalize those tastebuds (read: fats, salts and sugars) which increase the calories you end up consuming.  By bagging your lunch you know what has gone into it (and what hasn’t).

Nutrition. Think of how much more you can pack into your lunch than if you were to purchase it.  A little bag of nuts, an apple, some dates…it all adds up to a lot more nutrients than that Chinese noodle dish with 2 veggies or *gulp* a burger and fries.  It also has a lot less of: salt, fat, calories, sugars.  That is if you are being mindful of your packing…

And here’s the big one…

If you’re using leftovers from last night for lunch today you are saving a ton of TIME.  Meal prep is already done for you, and put into a neat little container the night before.  Making extra the night before really doesn’t add to the time it take to make dinner, but the amount of time it saves you the next day is massive.  That is time on your lunch break that you can be out walking.  Or doing something fun, like playing tag with your kids.

Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days


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