10. Salute the Sun

Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days

There are many forms of exercise.  One of the easiest I know to do is yoga.  Daily yoga isn’t hard.  It is something I do everyday.  And it’s not my usual power-hour yoga like I teach in my class.  Just some simple sun salutes.  I do 5.  And I do not salute the sun at dawn, mine usually happens to salute the afternoon sun, or the sunset.  Whenever it happens, it feels good and is good for you. If you are new to yoga you can find instructions to doing a sun salute here. (This is a variation of sun salute – Surya Namaskar B. The animation gives you a good idea, and really any added movement to your life is a good thing.)  Anyone can do it.  Easiest thing ever.

Basically it takes you through range of motion exercises. It doesn’t even have to be called yoga.  It could be called “waking up your shoulder girdle” or “hello hamstrings”.  Just some gentle movements to get the blood flowing to your muscles.

We start out in the fetal position to begin our lives.  As we age throughout our lives we unconsciously go back towards the fetal position.  Have you ever sat at a computer desk?  Your lower back rounds, your shoulders hunch over.  Look at an elderly person, see the fetal position taking shape again?  Creepy hey?  So open up those shoulders, stand up tall and make sure you keep moving. Unless you want to look like a turtle. (Hey I love turtles!)

Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days


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