14. Zen

Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days


What if I told you that you can sleep better, make decisions more easily and decrease stress in your body?  You already know the answer, if you meditate.

It’s not all its cracked up to be, sitting still, trying to empty the mind of thoughts and keep those inner voices quiet is HARD work.  In some forms of meditation you even keep your body still.  Have you ever tried that?  No adjusting of your legs, or arms, or neck or back.  And closing your eyes without falling asleep?

So much comes up that the mind wants to wander with, or complain about (especially if you are practicing sitting still – OUCH my foot is falling asleep!)

Studies show that this is beneficial and the results expand beyond just the feeling of zen. In a program done on heart disease patients in the US, results are astounding and include things such as weight loss,  reductions in blood pressure and “bad” cholesterol, decrease in depression, among many others.  Of course, meditation is used in conjunction with other treatments under a broad spectrum of yoga therapy.  But the results were good enough that medicare now covers the treatment. Read more about the program here.

I’m not suggesting major changes in your life.  Maybe just a 10 minute one, once a day.  And if you are following the “brown bag it” post from about a week ago you already have made time for it during lunch!

Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days


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