25. Fake it

Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days

Today’s tip is simple.  If you woke up and aren’t feeling great – try faking it!  Yes you heard correctly.  And although I am very much about being honest and true to yourself; sometimes getting back to feeling like the optimistic go-getter I usually am, just requires a little persuasion.

Music – put it on, play it loud.  Your favourite ‘pick me up’ tunes.  Forget the stuff that makes you more angry or more upset (there’s a time and place and this isn’t it…music can be a great way to help process emotions…go for happy energy here.)

Facial expression – just smile.  The neuro pathways in your brain equate this to your good days.  So spark up the fire from all fronts. (Besides wasn’t there a rumour a long time ago that it takes less facial muscles to smile than to frown?)

Act on it – Go through the motions of a good day.  Get out of bed, have a shower, dance to your tunes.  No moping here.

Grab a good buddy – someone who is willing and able to help lift those spirits.  You know who they are.  Seek them out and get them onboard.

This is just a tip for those one or two ‘off’ days that you don’t find yourself, well yourself.  It is not intended to treat more sinister conditions, like the flu or depression.  There are many times where faking it just isn’t appropriate (like in bed.)  Use your own discretion.  And get happy!

Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days


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