29. Cancer


Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days

I got a call this morning that changed my life. This week I got the all-clear and lung cancer was ruled out.

I feel like a hypocrite sometimes, with all my health and wellness tips.  I’ve been fighting off lung infections and had pneumonia 3 times this winter.  I was even hospitalized.  And the irony – before all this I was the healthiest person I knew.  I still am the healthiest person I know in the way that I choose to live.  Not in a bragging kind of way.  Just that it is my passion, and I work very hard at balancing my health.  The past many months have been a blow to my system.  But the biggest one was the C word.

Apparently my mental exercises have been doing their work, because I didn’t freak out at the CT which indicated I could have bronciogenic carcinoma.  After the initial shock (and calling my mom – who wouldn’t call their mom when things like this arise?) I got to thinking…

If I have cancer right now, what would I change?  How could I live healthier? Support my system better?

I was happy that after brainstorming with my husband we came up with almost nothing.  I am living an almost perfectly healthy life according to my belief system.  In my world, I am already doing everything I can to prevent disease and achieve optimal health.

A couple months ago, before this scare I even took a naturopath on board to compliment the western medicine in my life.  And although some of the treatments and remedies are a stretch for my western-medicine trained nursing-mind, they cannot do harm.  So I added these to my life in a 6 month plan to boost my immune system.  My energy immediately shot up and I just felt better.

I guess what I’m getting at for today’s tip is just this:

If you were diagnosed with cancer today – what would you change in your life?

Most people already know what their vices are.  Or where they could improve.  You are the best person in knowing yourself.

Why wait for something ominous to happen?

Make the change now.

It was a good feeling to go through my life and know I am already doing everything I can.  Many things in this life are beyond our control; but for the things that are, it feels really good to take ownership over them.

I’ve got an extra spring in my step today.  I hope you do too.

Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days


4 thoughts on “29. Cancer

  1. Nice relief! My dad was such a healthy guy in every way but eventually genetics caught up to him early in life with heart trouble. You just never know but it’s quality over quantity, right?

    • You’re completely right – you never know when genetics might have a curve ball for you. The thing that gets me is why people wait for that moment to change. I honestly believe that if you are living to your utmost potential that it is not only less likely to happen; but if it does, you will have a much higher quality of life for the quantity you have left. And with chronic illnesses that quantity can be a lot of time…I’d much rather have the highest quality possible. Thanks for reading!

  2. I don’t know what the word is, congratualtions? hallelujah? but I’m glad to hear you don’t have cancer. I’m sure it was a very powerful reminder for you in looking at your life. Thanks for sharing the reminder with us.

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