31. Mindful


Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days

Many of these last 31 tips on health have been about becoming more aware of you body.  But most of the information I have given has been about what you are thinking, or how food makes you feel.  The one thing I haven’t touched on is mindful movement.  We’ve covered purposeful movement: adding physical activity to your day.  But how you move can be just as important.

For example: Stand up.  Now notice where the weight is distributed in your foot.  Is it in the front of you foot or at the heel?  Do you notice that you lean to the outer or inner edge?  The wear on your shoes will tell you a lot about where this weight shifts when you walk.  Now notice your toes.  Are they relaxed and spread apart? Are they gripping the floor and trying to curl under?

I am no expert, but simple things like noticing your feet make you more aware of you movements on a daily basis.  At the advanced side of things this can translate into figuring out how to prevent or correct injury and allow the body to function better through functional movement.

I have fallen in love with biomechanics.  More than that, the understanding of how that translates into neurological connections in the brain and how it affects emotions and wellbeing.

So today’s tip is this – find something that makes you more mindful about how you move and apply that to your body.  It can be as simple as a youtube video.  Or maybe taking a class or reading an article.  THEN apply it to your body.  Feel your physical experience of the movement. In the noticing changes can be brought about.

In my own world there seems to be an up and coming surge of mindfulness based movement surfacing.  Or maybe it’s just that now I’m looking for it, because it is awesome!

Here are a few links to get you going!

An article about the benefits of mindfullness based movement.

A Facebook page on how to be more mindful in your body in yoga practice.

A biomechanics expert who translates it into your everyday movements.

Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days


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