33. Cover Your Essentials


Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days

My grandfather used to always start his speeches with this line:  a speech should be like a mini skirt, short enough to get your attention but long enough to cover all of the essentials.  I know, I know, kind of creepy coming from a grandpa but the point was made.  So here is enough to cover the essentials…nutrient wise.

The smoothie!

There are all sorts of variations out there but this is our go to at least 3-4 mornings a week.   

Go-To Green smoothie


Add some extra nutrients to your day.  It’s really easy, and tastes great.  You can up the anti by adding extra omega 3s (by adding a few teaspoons of ground flaxseed – just make sure to drink up fast, this stuff gels!) or up protein by adding a tablespoon or two of chia seed.

My breakfast smoothie caters to little kids and has added avocado, which provides the essential fats needed for brain development.  Want it a little sweeter – add a diced apple.  More anti-oxidants?  Add some berries as I did in the pictures. (Frozen works great too, and are cheaper than fresh.) The possibilities are limitless, and the ability to add essential vitamins and nutrients in the form of whole foods is exciting.

Enjoy your day!

Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days


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