37. Health


Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days

The point of these 40 tips is to help aid in achieving greater health.  So…

What is health?

Some people will say it’s about weight loss or getting better from a cold, or cancer.  But there are so many facets of health.  What about financial health? And emotional health, spiritual health, being happy, living well, having healthy relationships, finding enjoyment in life/work… The act of brainstorming is almost unending.

Health incorporates every aspect of our lives.  Or at least it should in my opinion.  It’s the finding of homeostasis in body systems.  It’s survival at a primitive level.  It’s the function of our mental abilities to have compassion, feel empathy and joy.

Why is it that the people that are supposed to be the stakeholders of our health have limited knowledge of such.  (Bare with me here, as it is all a part of my discovery process.)

So, to be healthy you go see a doctor, or a nurse, or a naturopath, or a psychiatrist.  Why do all these people almost exclusively study disease and illness and treatment in school? Who is out there that studies how to support us in wellness?  I’m mean truly study how to support people in wellness?

There are nutritionists and movement specialists (yoga teachers, trainers etc.)  But societal values tend to be on the more highly educated people who treat sickness.  The people who support our health are the lower income, less educated, good intentioned folks who look after us when it comes to maintaining health.

To become a nurse I did four years of full time university.  To become a yoga instructor I did a 200 hour class.  Yet I feel like I learned how to support people’s health more in those 200 hours then I did in the 4 years it took me to get the degree. The piece of paper society places so much value on.

I am not saying there isn’t a place for nurses or doctors (of any type) at all.  We need those people, they are the caretakers of our society in illness.  And most of them care, a lot.  But a shift is needed in the value we place on the people who maintain our wellness.

So today, go out and value the recognized stakeholders of your health.  Maybe it’s your mom in making a healthy dinner.  Or the person teaching the fitness class you attend. Feel good in the groceries you buy. Become aware of what makes YOU healthy.

What is health?  It’s up to you.

Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days


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