39. Bugs, Germs = Good


Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days

Keeping healthy means living healthy.  For us and our environment.  Part of that environment includes bugs.  Yes, you heard me bugs.  And not just the ones you can see, bacteria too.  We’ve become over-sensitized to germs now a days.  Really truly.  It’s one of the theories as to why there are so many allergies out there.  And surprisingly another theory as to why we get sick MORE often.  Too clean.

Stop buying antibacterial anything.  Soaps, cleaners, sprays.  Just stop.  They only kill 99% of the bacteria (good and bad) meaning the remaining 1% are left to proliferate…and are immune to the cleaners when we really need them.  This is part of the reason that contributes to current superbugs (like MRSA).  That along with the misuse of antibiotics.  Think about that anti-biotic.  Anti-bacteria.  Bacteria is a good thing.  We need it in our systems for our bodies to be healthy.  In our gut – it is so diversified and pertinent to our health, that we can’t even re-create it.  They do stool transplants.  Yes…poop from one person to another.  That is on the extreme end of things where the bacterial levels have gotten so out of whack the body can’t rectify the situation on it’s own. (And no I am not advocating not treating infections with antibiotics. Take them as prescribed and get a good doctor who only gives them when necessary.)

When I worked on a GI Medical unit as a nurse 10 years ago they were switching from harmful floor cleaners to vinegar.  Yes people vinegar.  In a hospital.  So stop with the bleach and harmful chemicals.  Go back to basics.  Especially since you are at home and not immunosuppressed. Something that won’t kill the fish.  Read your labels.  (I use a steam mop in my kitchen…nothing but hot water)

So go out and play in the dirt.  Let your kids eat the dirt.  And stop with the HEPA home filters (unless you have a very specific health reason to do so.)  The result will actually stimulate your immune system to do it’s job and function properly.  Also, do you really think the hand sanitizing chemicals you just put on your kid’s hand are better for them than the germs?  Weigh your options here.  I mean really weigh your options.

On another note…interesting that there is also a theory out there stating that the reason autoimmune diseases are on the rise (i.e. MS, lupus) is a result of us not having our immune systems challenged enough.  Something to think about.

Go out and get dirty.  Stop the nonsense.

From the nurse.

Simply Living Healthy – 40 tips in 40 days


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