Melt My Heart.


I had to write about just how good our pizza was tonight.

It was so good, I think my heart melted a little with the cheese inside the oven. (Cheesy, I know…oh c’mon laugh along with me!)

So here are my mushroom pita pizzas, and an impromptu margarita pizza…it just happened, almost by itself!

It all started out with some amazing fresh pitas that we can only find at a local fruit and vegetable stand near our house.  They are extra big, and perfect for pizzas!  Fresh herbs, tomatoes, mushrooms.  Shitake, oyster, portabella, baby bella – how I love mushrooms!

IMG_1896The a light layer of olive oil on the two mushroom pizzas, and a layer of pesto on the margarita.

Melting a pad of butter, adding a shallot and a whole lot of mixed mushrooms to the pan, smells started to waft through the house.

The fresh herbs, oregano (for the mushroom) and basil (margarita).  Oh how I love fresh herbs!

IMG_1898 IMG_1893 IMG_1901

First the layer of mozza cheese, then the “meat” of each pizza.  Mushroom pizza mixed with fresh oregano and margarita layered between red, ripe tomatoes and fresh, green basil.  And finally parmesan to top it off.

IMG_1902Drizzle each of the mushroom pizzas with truffle oil.  Liquid gold on pizza.

Voila! Dinner!

So good!




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