Even with all my good intentions sometimes I still feel very


Stuck in the mud of my life.

I took a yoga class to try out a new(ish) studio close to me.  And do you know what? The only thing louder in my head than my own critical voice in that class, was the critical voice of how it was being taught.  I was STUCK.  Wanting the same yoga class that I teach.  The same type of yoga with focus on alignment and correct body posturing to prevent injury.  Not the “anjulating forward” (What does that even mean?  I don’t even know how to spell it!) or the “sparking of toes as you ride the energetic wave”.  I wanted to be back in the past, in my own mud.  Without “the energy of the new moon or upcoming solstice to harness the energetic wave and change my life….”

Then again; also this week, I was stuck in the cycle of “negotiating, crying, needing a hug then pushing me away” drama of a little girl. (I’m actually not talking about myself, although I might as well be for how stuck in the drama cycle I was.)  Over and over and over.  Stuck in the mud, unable to move.

I don’t like being stuck.  It feels unhealthy.  Unable to move forward in the direction of life.  So I took a few parenting lessons from those around me and was able to lay off a little.  And this week in my karma class there may be a little bit of new moon energy, even if it’s only expressed as newfound energy in the teacher.

Besides, when you’re not struggling in the mud it’s amazing the places you can go.

Here I go!

IMG_2328 IMG_2327 IMG_2325 IMG_2337

And in the meantime I’ll put my plants in the mud, where they can flourish.


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