Run Like A Mother.

So the trip away was amazing!  And mother’s day was even better than anticipated.

First things first…

IMG_7116I ran like a mother!  (No really, that was the name of the race.)  And boy did I ever!  Beat my personal best (well, the times I remember to track myself…often with running stroller in tow).  Not a ton of great pics…but here is one to prove that I medalled!  (Truth: everyone who ran the race medalled, does that make them any less special? Not to me!! Yeh!)

And then the update:

The trip away was unbelievable.  I believe my (at times) cynical husband actually said the words best family vacation ever!  And then gave me a big squeeze and thanked me for the organizational end of things (Truth: he ate good food and didn’t go hungry)

So what to improve on for next year?

The homemade instant oatmeal I made flopped.  Just wasn’t as good as I had hoped.  The dehydrated apples didn’t live up to expectations.  And my daughter wasn’t keen on added raisins to make it better (because the raisins made this oatmeal amazing!) So we paid for one breakfast outside our room ($50 yikes!)  Also, not enough booze.  We did end up getting a west facing patio to our room, so the HOT afternoon sun and kids nap times would have been better with beer.  IMG_2454And the mini fridge wasn’t so mini!  I could’ve had room for the homemade soup after all (and the beer!)  And I remembered wine glasses!  See the pre-poured goodness on the counter?  We got all fancy!

We took a bunch, some, hardly any photos.  So sad.  Even though I rarely post people photos here.  And then it got me to thinking…the only photos we do have are mostly of:

a) blurred children

b) children making faces

c) dad and the kids

d) one candid, nice, kid shot

What about me?  This whole time taking pics, organizing food, swimming with kids in the waves, running up stairs to waterslides (Truth: okay since my kids weren’t actually tall enough for the water slides these involved mostly the 4 steps to the toddler slides) And I think we got in one family photo at the very end.  When I asked some random guy to get our pic (insert husband eye-roll).

I read an article a while back that really made me think that I wanted to BE in these pictures more.  Be present so when my kids look back at family albums I will be a part of their life (in photos anyway.)  I thought this was really important to me.  And then this family vacation happened.  And I realized that instead I want to be IN their lives, not in the photos forcing sometimes faked smiles.  The best photos are the ones I see when I close my eyes.  And the memories come alive.  And I want to be in the memory of my kids.  So when I ask “What was your favourite part of the trip?  They can scan through all the memories of our entire family and remember.

So all in all, Best Mother’s Day Ever!  With many, many more to come!




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